Personal Shredder
Suitable for small offices and home settings, this 5-sheet cross shredder has an auto start/stop facility. Capable of shredding paper, clips and staples, it shreds in a cross-cut manner.
Desk Side Office Shredder
It is equipped with the electronic and digital control system, hence is suitable for offices. It is a cross cut shredder and has overload protection along with an auto start/stop function. This shredder shreds clips and staples.
Office & EDP Printout Shredders
A cross cut shredder with special design for dust-proof, anti-static system and is suitable for office setting. Automatically stops if the door is kept open and has a semi-floating shock absorption system. The alarm signals automatically when the paper bin is full. Used to shred disks, cards, staples and clips.
Heavy Duty Shredders
The Pilot 28-Cc is a heavy duty paper shredder, equipped with automatic start/stop capability. It can shred paper, clips, staples & CDs and is highly durable.